Taniec Tancerze zawiera Konrad "Xplosion" S.

Konrad "Xplosion" S.

Wiek: 26 lat
Miasto: Sindelfingen/Stuttgart
Tańcze od: 2002 roku
Style tańca: Brak informacji
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O mnie: B-Boying and the HipHop culture in general has always fascinated me. Seeing Hip-Hop culture expand so fast and strong is something great and since the first day of dancing I never thought of quiting, its a lifestyle I live. B-Boying (Breakdance) and Hip-Hop is something more than just Dance and Rap Music, its the way that you talk, the way that you walk, the way that you act, the way it impacts our daily life, politics, the streets and everything else. Dancing makes me feel free, it lets me forget about the bad and lets me enjoy life, it's a way for me to express myself, this is what I am this is what makes me. Peace, Love, Unity & havin Fun that's what Dancing and HH should all be about

B-Boy Battle Göppingen 2010 - 1st Place

Soulflava Jam  7 to Smoke 2009 - 1st Place

Southside Tübingen Battle 2009 - Top 12

"Power Statt Gewalt" 2008 - 1st Place

Battle of the Month 11/2008 - 3rd Place

"Power Statt Gewalt" 2007 - 2nd Place

"Power Statt Gewalt" 2006 - 1st Place

Breakdance Battle Böblingen 2005 - 3rd Place


Showcase at the Rock n' Roll South Germany Cup - 2006

Opening of the New Hall in Wildberg - 2008

Presentation of: The new Ford Fiesta - 2008

ShowBattle at the "Neckar Fest" - 2009

Hip-Hop Jam: Bar-Bee-Cue Summer Breeze 2009

Hip-Hop Jam: "Against Alcohol, For The Beat" 2009

Showcase at the Rock n' Roll South Germany Cup - 2009

And Many More Showcases at different Festivals, Jams... and so on.

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