Taniec Tancerze zawiera Szymon Spychalski

Szymon Spychalski

Wiek: 24 lat
Wzrost: 178 cm
Miasto: Częstochowa
Tańcze od: 2008 roku
Style tańca:
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O mnie: My name is Szymon, I come from Poland, currently I live in Częstochowa. I am 18 years old, I have been interested in Hip-Hop culture for quite a long time. I have been dancing for about four years, in 2008 I have joined a crew called MSN Crew which represented and still represents my hometown. Me and my team regularly conduct classes during which you can get to know many street techniques. We actively organise sessions & workshops. I try to actively attend workshops and battles. Besides dancing I'm interested in mc'ing and dj'ing. If you have any questions, comments, let me know!

  • Dołączył: 13.12.2012
  • Ostatnie logowanie: 23.02.2013